South Bohemia
At A Glance

Area: 10.057 km²

Total population: 638.782

Bioeconomy maturity: Medium-low

Bioeconomy strategy: No

Main feedstock: Forest residues, feedstock from forest-based industries, agricultural waste

POWER4BIO partner: University of South Bohemia (USB)

Contact person for South Bohemia: Eva Cudlínová

South Bohemian

Bioeconomy Strategy

South Bohemain Region does not have a special strategy focused on bioeconomy. Main documents related to regional level:

  • Development program of the South Bohemian Region 2014 – 2020
  • Regional Appendix to National Research and Innovation Strategy (RIS 3 2014-2020).
  • Smart strategy concept

Documents at the national level:

  • The Concept of Sustainable Development of the Czech Republic / Strategic Frame ČR 2030
  • State Energy Concept of the Czech Republic
  • National Action Plan for Renewable Energy
  • Action Plan for Biomass

Main Targets Of The Region Regarding Bioeconomy

  • Production of biomass is seen as a potential for future development of region
  • Increasing of unproductive roles of agriculture as biomass production
  • Support of processing biological degradable materials – composting or biogas stations.
  • Development of application of biotechnological research

Main Stakeholders
In The Region

Stakeholders potentially involved in preparation of future regional bioeconomy strategy of South Bohemian Region:

Czech Biogas Association (CzBA)

South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovative Enterprising (JAIP)

Regional Agrarian Chamber of the South Bohemian Region (RAK JK)

Union of Municipalities of Blatensko (SOB)

National Cluster Association (NCA)

Though, South Bohemian Region shows sufficient potential for bioeconomy, there is no bioeconomy strategy. Based on the analysis of strategic documents, following groups are not represented.

Small entrepreneurship enterprises

Large business companies

Regional entrepreneurship cluster(s)

Available Biomass Sources
At Regional Level

  • Timber industry
  • Textile industry
  • Agricultural waste
  • Food industry
  • Communal waste
  • Paper processing sludge
  • Wastewater treatment plant sludge

All Regions Participating In POWER4BIO

Ten regions from nine different countries are participating in POWER4BIO, five of which coming from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and five from Western and Southern Europe (WSE).