POWER4BIO is coming to an end…

POWER4BIO is ending 31 March 2021

In March, POWER4BIO came to an end after 30 intense and hard-working months full of events and meetings with numerous stakeholders. We have organised 78 events, including ten POWER4BIO cross-visits to the POWER4BIO regions with almost 850 participants, four training webinar series and the high-level conference Bioeconomy Innovation Week in March. In total, we have reached 137,519 stakeholders. We developed the catalogue of bio-based solutions, an online database on existing bio-based solutions with tested potential for market uptake, and the Bioeconomy Strategy Accelerator Toolkit (BSAT) to guide decision-makers to review or develop regional bioeconomy strategies. We supported the bioeconomy strategy development in the five Central and Eastern European POWER4BIO regions, resulting in three new regional strategies. We welcome you to explore the project material that we provided for you on the POWER4BIO website for download and to browse through the collection of video recordings and presentations of the numerous events under the umbrella of POWER4BIO.

The entire POWER4BIO consortium says thank you for your continuing interest and support in the activities and outcomes of POWER4BIO and for your participation in our events! Thank you for 2.5 exciting years of knowledge exchange and mutual learning! Thank you for making POWER4BIO a success!