Summaries of 5 new regional implementation plans

Public deliverable D5.4 is now available for download

The bioeconomy has proposed a development path independent of fossil resources. With the potential to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the achievement of the SDGs and the revitalization of the economy in rural areas. In the implementation, the important role of the regions has been identified to make this vision possible, the integration of its actors, the establishment of value chains from the regional level and the consolidation of multi-governance structures for its coordination.

Bioeconomy strategies and roadmaps serve as instruments for coordination of entities and efforts at the regional level. They allow regions to identify potential bioeconomy development pathways and how to link them to existing plans and programs in the region. During the 2.5 years of POWER4BIO, five Central and East European (CEE) regions have worked on developing their strategies and finally action plans for implementation. This has led to the involvement of regional stakeholders, the development of a regional bioeconomy vision and the formulation of measures to foster the bioeconomy in the regions.

This report is a continuation of Deliverable 5.3, Summaries of 5 new regional bioeconomy strategies, focused on detailing the development and final results of the regional bioeconomy roadmaps and/or progress at the point of conclusion of the project. The report presents a synthesis of the process of each of the CEE regions to define their roadmap. It connects the analysis that was carried out in previous years (Task 5.1 and 5.2) and how this served for the definition of specific actions or definition of projects to be carried out in the coming years in each region. It also introduces the bioeconomy lead markets and proposed pilot actions for each region and finally a selection of their roadmap is shared, including policy and financial instruments that have been considered in the regions for its operationalisation.

At the end of POWER4BIO and counting with the support and guidance offered during WP5 and the resources developed in the project (other WPs), three regions now have a bioeconomy strategy. Of these, the Lviv region (Ukraine) and Nitra (Slovakia) have used the Smart Specialisation Strategy as the basis for the bioeconomy strategy. The region of Mazovia (Poland) has developed a stand-alone bioeconomy strategy.

On the other hand, the Southern Great Plain region (Hungary) was not able to develop the strategy, as this is not allowed by the administrative order of their country (only national or county level strategies), however the region and the new Hungarian bioeconomy cluster have developed a recommendation document with possible actions to be taken to impulse regional bioeconomy that is intended to support the national bioeconomy strategy process. Finally, the South Bohemian region has achieved the formalization of the RBH into what is now the South Bohemian Association for Bioeconomy. This legal platform now provides a better positioning of regional bioeconomy stakeholders with other regional and national platforms, supports the development of regional and national level strategies and leads the pursuit for political initiative for the development of the regional bioeconomy strategy for South Bohemia.