New public deliverable: Training design and materials for increasing the bioeconomy capacity of regional stakeholders

Deliverable 6.4 is now available for download

In the last months, several training webinar series were organised within POWER4BIO. The aim of the training courses and webinars developed under the task 6.3 of the POWER4BIO Project was two-fold. Firstly, to contribute to increase the bioeconomy capacity of regional stakeholders involved in the project Secondly, to promote new bioeconomy initiatives in any other region across Europe as the participants in the training courses and webinars were open, not restricted to POWER4BIO partners.

Due to the Covid-19 situation the initial planning had to be adapted to transform the four face-to-face training courses to 11 online sessions. Thus, the sessions were shifted from a day and a half day courses into two-three sessions per bio-application (bioenergy, feed & food, biomaterials and biochemicals), with a duration of approximately two hours per session, taking place in two to three different weeks.

The structure of content aimed to cover updated data in each of the four bio-applications. Also, to tackle all elements which could help regions and any type of practitioner interested in those areas dive into existing cases. So, the sessions were very much content driven in the definition of key elements to elaborate. Lastly, the identification and selection of cases focus on those examples, which were illustrative and explained in enough details to be understood and potentially, high a high degree of replicability.

In addition, the interaction with the POWER4BIO regions, in particular the CEE regions have been emphasised in the definition of the sessions. The POWER4BIO regions, as main beneficiaries of the training sessions and webinars, participated in an open dialogue in the design of the sessions. Length, content, structure, practical issues were among others, topics exchanged with the four RTOs in charge of the training sessions, one per bio-application. Then, the final material has been also pre-defined with the support and communication of the regions, in the search of a practical approach in the selection of content and scope of the material to include. The exchange of opinions resulted in in five modules, which were used in the definition of the four bio-application training sessions.

  • Roadmap to promote the implementation of Bioenergy/Biochemicals/Biomaterials/Food projects
  • Success cases examples. From technological solution to business: boosting technology transfer and entrepreneurship in EU regions
  • Keys for success and synergies/cooperation scheme. Open access to (cross-border) research and test facilities
  • High potential value chains/potential bio-applications to develop in the region
  • Legislation to consider and financing opportunities. Combining public and/or private funding instruments to finance bio-based business models and Policy alignment: towards a coherent and supportive framework for regional bioeconomy

Some specific outcomes per bio-application and general conclusions have been extracted from the activities developed within the task. This is related to competences and abilities needed to exploit the opportunities offered by the bioeconomy, in which training programmes are essential. The generated material (both training sessions and webinars) within this task represents a very useful tool for capacity building purposes, but also as a dissemination channel to draw the attention on success examples in the field of bioeconomy.

You can access more information about the training webinars, including video recordings and presentations to download, under the following links. The video recordings are also available on the POWER4BIO YouTube channel.

POWER4BIO Training webinar series on biochemicals

POWER4BIO Training webinar series on food and feed

POWER4BIO Training webinar series on bioenergy

POWER4BIO Training webinar series on bio-based materials