ENABLING intends to develop the great potential of the bio-based industry, encouraging the creation of efficient and structured biomass supply chains for the production of bio-based products (BBP). To do so, ENABLING proposes tools and methodologies nurturing collaboration and knowledge transfer among practitioners in the sector, through the creation of physical and virtual spaces for sharing best practices, brokering innovation in the bio-economy and providing stakeholders with coaching and guidance on innovation.

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Biorefinery Glas

Biorefinery Glas aims to improve the sustainability, value and resource efficiency of Ireland’s livestock sector through farmer diversification into the bioeconomy. The project will demonstrate a replicable small-scale biorefinery with farmers in the West Cork Region. Through biorefining, perennial ryegrass is fractionated into a variety of new products in a process which improves the protein efficiency, value and sustainability of our grasslands.

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BE-Rural will explore the potential of regional and local bio-based economies and support the development of bioeconomy strategies, roadmaps and business models. To this end, the project will focus on establishing Open Innovation Platforms (OIPs) within selected regions in five countries: Bulgaria, Latvia, North Macedonia, Poland and Romania.

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