At A Glance

Area: 87.268 km²

Total population: 8.379.820

Bioeconomy maturity: Medium

Bioeconomy strategy: Yes, at regional level

Main feedstock: Agricultural residues, forest residues, feedstock from forest-based and from aquatic-based industries, CO2

POWER4BIO partner: Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development

Contact person for Andalusia: Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development


Bioeconomy Strategy

  • Formulation of the Strategy by the Governing Council Agreement July 2016
  • Direct contribution of 4 Regional Ministries
  • External collaboration on Working Groups with more than 50 experts
  • Approved 18 September 2018

Main Targets Of The Region Regarding Bioeconomy

  • Contribute to sustainable growth and development
  • Fostering target actions to promote the production of resources and renewable biological processes
  • Increase the availability of sustainable biomass for resource utilization through innovative treatments
  • Rise the number of bioindustries and biorefineries in Andalusia.
  • Boost the markets and consumption of bioproducts and bioenergy in Andalusia

Main Stakeholders
In The Region

Biomass Producers

Industrial Stakeholders

Public administration

Knowledge centers

Small, medium and large enterprises

Other groups of interest (consumers)

Low number of biorefineries

Low number of innovative companies producing high added value products

Low consumer engagement

Available Biomass Sources
At Regional Level

  • Olive biomass
  • Intensive horticulture
  • Seaweed production

Further Information

All Regions Participating In POWER4BIO

Ten regions from nine different countries are participating in POWER4BIO, five of which coming from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and five from Western and Southern Europe (WSE).