First public POWER4BIO deliverables are available

Within POWER4BIO, a range of public deliverables will be produced. To date, two deliverables are available for download on the project material site:

Deliverable 2.2 – Key performance indicators to evaluate regional bioeconomies

The first public available deliverable aims to identify and compile consistent factors, features and key performance indicators for the short and medium-term bioeconomy potential assessment. The selected key performance indicators will be useful to compare the potential impact of a specific proposed action to the situation beforehand and how well they are accomplishing their intended results.

A general set of key performance indicators was chosen to avoid subjectivity, based on reliable data and taking into account the large number of POWER4BIO stakeholders with different profiles and expertise. As a result, the set of indicators are meant to be easy to understand, use and support the bioeconomy situation in the region from different points of view and needs.

The set of main factors characterizing regional bioeconomies were grouped in eight categories:

  • availability and use of resources
  • infrastructure and industrial factors
  • research and innovation
  • market/economic
  • transition towards bioeconomy
  • public and institutional support/governance/policy framework
  • funding
  • social and environmental aspects.

The eight factors sum a total of 67 key performance indicators. These indicators are the basis to develop bioeconomy strategies and will be used to build up the BSAT (Deliverables D2.4 and D2.5). Furthermore, this common “language” will enable an easy harmonization of the data collection and its analysis along the project execution.

Deliverable 2.2 can be downloaded here:

Deliverable 2.3 – Recommendations for the use of existing tools when developing regional bioeconomy strategies

The second public available deliverable is the outcome of an inventory of existing tools for the analysis of different aspects of a regional bioeconomy. Ten tools are extensively evaluated and described. Their evaluation focussed on data and user interaction aspects, results are presented in factsheets included in the Annex A and will also become part of the BSAT tool to be developed in the POWER4BIO task 2.4. The factsheets are meant to support users to guide them towards the right tools for their information needs and to facilitate the use of the tools. The deliverable also makes recommendations on further use of the tools by the regional stakeholders involved in POWER4BIO.

Deliverable 2.3 can be downloaded here:

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