Catalogue of bio-based solutions is now online

May 2020

Recently, the POWER4BIO catalogue of bio-based solutions had been launched. The catalogue is an online database that to date contains 30 factsheets on existing bio-based solutions towards resource-efficient biorefineries with tested potential for market uptake with high technical readiness level (TRL) above 6. Solutions were chosen from the application fields of bioenergy, biomaterials, biochemicals, and food & feed.

The catalogue intends to be used by stakeholders in a region to get an overview of available promising options to convert a wide range of biomass feedstock into an array of bio-based products, paying special attention to solutions ready to be deployed at small-scale in rural areas. The solutions shall inspire regions to replicate them in their local context.

The list of most relevant content topics to be addressed in the factsheets has been jointly established by all partners of POWER4BIO, and by actually involving stakeholders like regional policy makers, industry (associations) and consultants. Their feedback resulted in the confidential deliverable D3.1, stakeholder requirements for catalogue on bio-based solutions, that is the basis of the database structure of the catalogue.

The user may apply different searching criteria to facilitate finding solutions of interest: general, feedstock, technology, products, environment and impacts. The solution factsheets contain a short description and several characteristics of the solution, as well as info regarding suitability of biomass feedstock for production of the target product, benefits of the solution related to the value chain and specific constraints for implementation.

The search results can be presented either in grid or in table form. Details of solutions of interest can be viewed, exported to PDF and printed if wished. The web-based database is working on any operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, IOS, Android) that uses a standards-compliant browser; the POWER4BIO catalogue can be easily accessed using any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and deliver an app-like experience to its users.

Finally, all collected information and the IT architecture of the catalogue with bio-based solutions will be integrated in the Bioregional Strategy Accelerator Toolkit (BSAT, deliverable D2.4) that will be available early 2021.