BE-Rural and POWER4BIO Joint Guidance Document for Stakeholders

Small-scale technologies and business models for regional bioeconomies

The two Horizon 2020 projects BE-Rural and POWER4BIO were funded under the same topic, RUR-09-2018. They are communication and support actions (CSAs) and foster activities such as proactive stakeholder engagement, networking and cross-border exchange of knowledge. Both projects aim at facilitating the development of regional bioeconomy strategies and roadmaps.

The projects operate in different but adjacent regions. Consequently, the outputs of one project will be of relevance for the other. Also, the recommendations for policy makers derived for one region are of great interest for neighbouring regions. For this reason, a Joint Guidance Document of both projects was created to join forces and to highlight synergies between BE-Rural and POWER4BIO, thereby increasing the impact and amplifying the reach and the relevance of both projects.

Within BE-Rural and POWER4BIO, a broad spectrum of dedicated outputs will be created. The focus of this joint guidance document is on selected project deliverables surrounding bio-based solutions and technologies, as well as business models and best practices. In both cases, these deliverables lay the foundation for further works, which will culminate in the participatory development of regional bioeconomy strategies and roadmaps. Further information on the two projects is available in the Joint Guidance Document, and additional material and outputs are available through the POWER4BIO and BE-Rural project websites.