The First All-Ukrainian Forum of the forest-based industry is an important event in reference to the Ukrainian forest sector development

September 2020

Within the frameworks of the 19th International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Forestry, Woodworking and Furniture Industry “Lisderevmash 2020”, on September 30, 2020 in Kiev (capital of Ukraine), the First All-Ukrainian Forum of the forest-based industry was held at the ACCO International Exhibition Center.

The participants of the First All-Ukrainian Forum of the forest-based industry were more than 140 representatives of various groups related to forest based industry in Ukraine: heads of state and municipal forestry administrations, entrepreneurs, scientists, representatives of regional and national associations of woodworkers and many other stakeholders.

Member of the POWER4BIO project, Head of the Wood Products and Furniture Technology Department of the Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU) prof. Orest Kiyko made the presentation “Development of the forest sector of Ukraine: problems and prospects”. In his presentation Orest Kiyko drew attention to the exceptional importance of the considering the forest sector not separately (each branch as separate industry), but interconnected, as a single sector – from forestry to wood products, bioenergy and “green” tourism, which will contribute to their effective development. In order to better coordinate the activities of the forest sector and its successful development, Orest Kiyko proposed the creation as an advisory body under the umbrella of the Ukrainian Government – the Council of the Ukrainian Forest Sector. As an example of such successful cooperation between all interested in the forest sector development players, between business and state power was used the Forest Sector Council that is functioning on the regional level, under the umbrella of the Lviv State Regional Administration (Forest sector Council is key part of the regional Hub that elaborates bioeconomy strategy of the Lviv region within the frameworks of the POWER4BIO project).