Public deliverable D2.5 explains the development and functionality of the POWER4BIO Bioeconomy Strategy Accelerator Toolkit (BSAT)

Report was delivered to European Commission in January 2021

The Bioeconomy Strategy Accelerator Toolkit (BSAT) is the main outcome of POWER4BIO, where all results and findings of the project are collected and presented for interested stakeholders. In January, POWER4BIO finalised the public deliverable D2.5, POWER4BIO BSAT, in which the development and functionality of the Bioeconomy Strategy Accelerator Toolkit are explained.

The BSAT represents the POWER4BIO methodology, as developed by CIRCE in sub-task 2.4.1, implemented into an online platform for guiding decision-makers to review or develop regional bioeconomy strategies. The toolkit is aimed to all kind of regions, regardless its maturity in the field of bioeconomy. In overall, the BSAT will guide the user to the most suitable added value chains. It contributes to identifying specific regional assets, gaps/weaknesses and how-to-develop’ tips on developing/strengthening its own regional bioeconomy strategy. The BSAT is based on key elements assessed and developed in the project and supporting documentation.

The development of the toolkit has been based on the user requirements, service specifications and methodological advances. The technical part of BSAT (software) has been designed and developed by DRAXIS (sub-task 2.4.2) in collaboration with CIRCE based on the methodology developed by CIRCE (sub-task 2.4.2). The BSAT is built upon certain innovative design techniques, currently predominant in the web design industry, providing user friendliness and usability. Additionally the user interface framework utilized, employs a “mobile first” approach to design, which means that the BSAT works out of the box on any device available whether it is a phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Finally, special effort has been put into the Central and Eastern Europe regions. For this reason, the toolkit storyline apart from English has been translated into five additional languages which are Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, and Slovak, in order to facilitate its use in those countries.

You can access the POWER4BIO Bioeconomy Strategy Accelerator Toolkit under the following link: