POWER4BIO cross-visit to Central Germany – Day 2: Workshop

Overcoming regional bioeconomy challenges, 24.6.2020

The second day of the POWER4BIO cross-visit was dedicated to the workshop “overcoming regional bioeconomy challenges”. More than 60 attendees discussed specific type of measures to overcome the diverse challenges of regional bio-based value chains. By using an online polling tool, the participants could give suggestions of how to incentivize the positive systemic impacts of bioeconomy solutions, share examples where bioeconomy strategies had a positive impact and how to close the gap between industry and R&D. After proposed solutions were gathered, these were also prioritised by participants on the light of supporting bioeconomy in EU regions. The attendees were actively engaged in the discussion and shared their experiences with the group.

Laura García summarised the inputs of the participants in her closing presentation. Participants were asked how to foster the positive systemic contribution of bioeconomy. They suggested the harmonisation of regulations, the simplification of procedures and the presentation of good practice examples. There is also need for legislative support and awareness raising, especially to gain a higher acceptance from the citizens in a bottom-up approach to support respective policies. There will be no quick solutions, but the support of industries and societal adaption should continue.

Many potential impacts of regional bioeconomy strategies were mentioned by the participants: energetic use, facilitation of market entry for bio-based products, better long-term jobs, cross-sectoral solutions, awareness raising, the support of already existing regional development plans and the monitoring of bioeconomy activities within natural and sustainability limits.

Measures to help closing the gap between industry and research and development might be networking between cross-sectoral actors and integrating intermediate bodies like clusters or hubs, help with managing confidentiality aspects of industry cooperation and the integration of industry in R&D projects. The results of the discussion between stakeholders shall help identifying regional mechanisms and best cases for the successful application of a regional bioeconomy strategy and give an impulse for other regions.

Summary presentation of Laura García

Prof. Dr. Anna Aladjadjiyan from the Bulgarian Biomass Association was invited to give a keynote about overcoming the challenges of bioeconomy regions. However, due to technical problems, she was not able to give her presentation within the workshop, but you can download the pdf file of the presentation of Prof. Dr. Anna Aladjadjiyan or watch the recorded presentation here: