New deliverable: Examples of regional bio-based business models

D4.1 was delivered to European Commission

Based on pre-defined criteria, the most promising solutions from the collection of good practice cases set up previously in the POWER4BIO project were selected. The business models behind these technical solutions and the way these models have been deployed were further characterised in this confidential deliverable.

19 practical examples of business cases were investigated in terms of business value and described in detail, using the POWER4BIO Business Modelling Methodology which was defined by adapting the so-called Business Model Canvas (BMC) format to the special characteristics of bio-based solutions. Six out of nine countries where POWER4BIO regions are located are covered by this business model collection, and the four product groups used for the project activities (bioenergy, biochemicals, biomaterials, feed & food) are also equally covered.

The elaboration of the business models based on the BMC methodology was supported by the fact that information collection was also made by the same methodology, following the same content-wise elements. Besides, intensive desk research was performed and, where possible, further information was accessed by personal interviews with representatives of the companies. The business models are elaborated by a detailed description following the nine elements of the BMC (value proposition, key partners, key activities, key resources, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, cost structure and revenue streams). For the solutions where data of sufficient quality and quantity could be obtained, the most important information of the business model were summarised on a “classic” one-page BMC format as well, besides the detailed descriptions.

The collection is expected to ensure benefits for market actors by providing information on specific bio-based business models and new insights for the relevant bio-based economy sectors and future impacts on the markets. However, any business model always needs to be individually tailored for each case of deployment, even if the replicability is good for the bio-based solution applied. The business models in the POWER4BIO collection are described in a fairly general way and have to be elaborated much more in detail for this tailoring, which process has to be initiated by companies or investors interested in a certain solution.