Application for Master of Bioeconomy in the Circular Economy (Biocirce) until November 15

October 2019

The Master’s program (level II) in Bioeconomy in the Circular Economy (Biocirce) is an interdisciplinary program jointly offered by 4 Universities (University of Bologna, University of Milano-Bicocca, University of Naples Federico II, and University of Turin), and by non-academic partners (Intesa Sanpaolo, Novamont SpA, GFBiochemicals SpA, and PTP Science Park di Lodi), that provides skills and expertise necessary to deal with the full range of issues in the complex field of the bioeconomy. The program allows the professionals to go in depth in all the aspects related to the production and marketing sides of bio-based products, whilst using the latest technology.

Students study the entire value chain of bio-based products: the production of raw materials in agricultural ecosystems in diverse climatic regions, the properties and supply logistics of biological resources, the bio-technological and industrial processes used to convert these resources into (new) bio-based products, and the marketing and consumption of final products. Studying the entire value chain for bio-based products give to professionals the opportunity to deal with the environmental, social and economic dimensions of the bio-economy from a micro and a macro level perspective, including innovation, institutions and policies.

Admission requires a 2nd level University Degree. Degrees and/or expertise in biotechnology, economics, chemistry, industrial chemistry, biology, pharmacy, agricultural sciences, engineering are considered a plus.
Undergraduates may access the master if they are able to graduate in the first graduation session following the start of teaching activities.

It is possible to apply till November 15th 2019.