Public deliverable: Catalogue with bio-based solutions

Deliverable D3.3 is now available for download

Within POWER4BIO, an online catalogue was developed to help stakeholders in the field of bioeconomy to get an overview of available options to convert a wide range of biomass feedstocks into an array of bio-based products. It is of interest to policy makers, industry and other interested regional stakeholders.

The catalogue contains factsheets on existing bio-based solutions with tested potential for market uptake and a high technical readiness level (TRL) for bioenergy production, biomaterials, biochemicals as well as for food and feed.
All factsheets include a short description and several characteristics of the solution, as well as information regarding the suitability of biomass feedstock for production of the target product, benefits of the solution related to the value chain and specific constraints for implementation. The selected content topics of the factsheets are General, Feedstock, Technology, Products, Environment and Impacts.

To date, the catalogue contains 26 bio-based solutions and is accessible via an interface under Guidelines on how to use and search the catalogue are available on the catalogue website. The database will be further developed and harmonised with the Bioregional Strategy Accelerator Toolkit, the overall online webtool that will be made available at a later stage of POWER4BIO.

The deliverable report describes the activities performed to fill the catalogue database with the information for the selected bioeconomy solutions. This deliverable, D3.3 Catalogue with bio-based solutions, can be downloaded here or on the project material site.