Invitation to POWER4BIO cross-visit in Flanders, Belgium

February 20 and 21


Inclusion of primary production in bio-based value chains: Case studies and policy options
How can we reinforce the collaboration between bio-based industry and agriculture? Innovation in bioeconomy also requires new value chains where both, farmers and bio-based companies, fit. On Thursday 20/02/2020, POWER4BIO organises a European workshop on bio-based innovation and collaboration with agriculture in Brussels. The workshop gathers representatives from different networks ranging from agriculture and rural development, to the chemical and bio-based industry and the EU institutions. Within several sessions, practical innovative cases for collaboration, new technologies and optimal policy instruments to connect bio-based industry with primary production will be discussed.

Site visits: Bio-based innovations and industrial development in Flanders
During a site visit on Friday, 21/02/2020, the participants meet the Flemish research and innovation centres, incubators and industrial partners that are crucial actors in implementing industrial biotechnology solutions for new bio-based products, for waste valorisation and CCU.

Please note that participation to the site visit is restricted to members of ECRN, SCAR, ENRD and POWER4BIO!

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