First virtual POWER4BIO cross-visit to Lviv, Ukraine

POWER4BIO partners and interested stakeholders met online

On May 19, 2020, the cross-visit in the frame of POWER4BIO project in Lviv (Ukraine) took place. It was the first POWER4BIO cross-visit that was organised online because of the Covid-19 pandemic. More than 35 participants took part in the online cross-visit. Among them were POWER4BIO project partners, representatives of the Lviv Regional State Administration and representatives of local stakeholders.

Four presentations were given to the participants of the cross-visit by the team of the Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU) and stakeholders’ representatives:

• Introduction to UNFU University and Lviv region (Orest Kiyko; UNFU)
• Last period agency activity and the example of Novyi Rozdil Industrial Park developed project (Volodymyr Vorobey; head of the economic development agency “PPV Knowledge Networks”)
• Methodology and results of Lviv region bioeconomy sector analysis (Orest Kiyko, Mykhailo Ilkiv, Myroslava Yakuba; all from UNFU)
• The draft version of the development strategy of the bioeconomy of the Lviv region (Orest Kiyko; UNFU)

The main focus was on the last presentation. It revealed the essence of the future strategy of the Lviv region bioeconomy sector development. This presentation showed the main components of the bioeconomy development strategy and the main measures to be implemented by the proposed strategy. In addition, it was emphasised that bioeconomy is one of the smart specialisations in the strategy of the Lviv region development for the period to 2027.

A workshop took place at the end of the online cross-visit. The representatives of the regions participating in POWER4BIO expressed their views on the proposed strategy for the Lviv region bioeconomy development. The partners also provided recommendations on how to develop the bioeconomy in the lack of financing conditions and in the poor awareness conditions in the region. Here you can watch the recorded video ot the Lviv cross-visit: