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GBS2020 workshop: Rebooting the economy – sustainability, growth, and climate action delivered by the bioecomony – online

November 18, 2020, online

GBS2020 workshop: Rebooting the economy – sustainability, growth, and climate action delivered by the bioecomony

The current Covid-19 pandemic has led to severe economic impacts throughout the world. Governmental recovery plans are developed to overcome the recession and to revive the economy. Coming out of this crisis offers the opportunity to invest into a more sustainable future. Instead of rebuilding the “old” fossil-based economy, the Covid-19 recovery could pave the way for the transition towards a “green” economy.

Central for this transition will be ‘Green Deals’, deeply transformative policies, which are going beyond the current policy and investment concepts. The bioeconomy, as sector, which combines economic growth with enhanced environmental performance and regeneration, provides a framework and navigation guide for simultaneously addressing multiple policy goals, including ambitions relating to climate change, biodiversity, circular economy, industrial policy, resource use efficiency and pollution. The sustainable and circular bioeconomy, with its potential to connect and implement transformative policies holistically could therefore be a building bloc for any future ‘Green Deal’ initiative around the world.

The aim of the workshop is to showcase the opportunities the sustainable and circular bioeconomy can provide to make (local and national) economies more resilient and to stimulate growth for the Covid-19 recovery as well as for the green transition towards a carbon neutral future, through the collection of scalable and actionable bioeconomy solutions from different continents.

Within the workshop, POWER4BIO and BE-Rural are going to facilitate a one-hour breakout session “Bioeconomy in the regions/at regional level”.

Expected Outcomes:
• Toolkits of assessed, scalable and actionable bioeconomy solutions that economic growth and regional development and could be implemented in the context of Covid-19 recovery plans at national and regional level.
• Recommendations for policy makers on the importance of the bioeconomy for the development of Green Deals and recovery plans.
• Exchange of good practices of practical bioeconomy solutions from different continents for the long-term goals of climate neutrality and economic prosperity.

For more information and registration, please visit the website of the GBS2020 workshop.