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Ecomondo Event: The key role of regions to address the development of bioeconomy at local level

October 7, Rimini, Italy

The key role of regions to address the development of bioeconomy at local level

Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee and Italian Cluster of Green Chemistry SPRING

As reported in the Manifesto launched in Bratislava in 2016, “the European bioeconomy should be based on sustainable and circular development at regional and local level (bio-regions and bio-communities) considering various elements: ecology, resilience, biodiversity, management of water resources and the cultural heritage”. The Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel also theorises a model of “sustainable regions”, based on the leverage effect of the Regions, with particular attention to the quality of the territories and local economies, supporting the creation of virtuous interregional chains. At European level, the “regional bioeconomies” are increasingly recognized as a key element to achieve the goals of sustainable development and climate action of the United Nations. The Italian regions have already proved to be widely motivated to keep alive rural economies, implementing regional economic cycles and supporting local agro-industrial projects with the strategic idea of ​​using bio-resources in a more innovative and efficient way. The conference aims to illustrate: i) the role that the Regions can play in boosting bioeconomy multidisciplinary knowledge from a cultural and educational point of view; ii) tools to implement regional bioeconomy strategies within the Regions in order to enhance the bio-based sector and to support interregional cooperation; iii) Experiences from the Permanent Working-Group between SPRING Cluster and the Italian Regions.